Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I submit a request for repair?
A: Work requests are submitted online via the eFacilities AiM system.

For detailed steps, see AiM user guide at

Q: What is the general procedure after I submit my request?
A: Requests are generally handled by designated Facilities staff in the order in which it is received (subject to availability of parts, supplies, etc). In many cases, the assigned Facilities personnel may perform an evaluation of the work prior to the actual repair. It is at this point that a tentative timeline and possible costs may be determined.
Q: How do I follow-up on the status of my request?
A: Requests may be monitored online via the AiM system. Users may see all requests submitted, the status of the request, and receive email notification when the work is completed.

For detailed steps, see AiM user guide at
Q: What Work Request items are chargeable?
A: General repair and maintenance requests are the responsibility of Facilities, and are typically free of charge to the Manoa community*. Alterations, renovations, key and lock requests, and other special services may incur a charge-back to the requesting department.

Example: Repair work for leaky faucets, existing electrical outlets, and light switches that are not operating, replacement of burnt light bulbs, etc. are not chargeable. Work Requests to add new outlet in a room, add bookshelves to a blank wall, add partition to a room, mounting televisions, installation of projector screens, etc. are chargeable items.

*Revenue-generating departments are normally charged for any and all services requested from the Office of Facilities & Grounds.

Q: How do rent palms for an event?
A: Complete the usual Customer Request form available through the eFacilities AiM website 
For detailed steps, see AiM user guide at
See Fee schedule at
Q: How do I get rid of excess furnishing?
Complete the usual Customer Request form available through the eFacilities AiM website.  Please list the number and type of items to dispose (e.g., (2) 4-drawer file cabinets, (3) rolling chairs).

The Facilities Surplus Warehouse has been closed. All University of Hawaii Faculty and Staff wishing to obtain surplus furniture for their departmental needs on the Manoa Campus may now direct all inquiries to the DAGS Surplus Warehouse. Items at the warehouse may be purchased for a nominal fee. The DAGS Surplus Warehouse is located at 729 Kakoi Street in Mapunapuna. The phone number is 831-6757. 

There is an internal Swap Meet
Q: What constitutes an �emergency� request?
A: While there are a variety of circumstances that may be classified with emergency status, requests submitted within the purview of emergency response shall be subject to evaluation and appropriate scheduling. Below are examples of emergency situations:
  • Air Conditioning outages that affect certain electronic equipment
  • Lights out/flickering/humming
  • Contiuous leaks from toilets and faucets
  • Roof leaks on rainy days
  • Elevator out of service
  • Repairs to address potential or actual risks to health and safety of personnel, or disruptions to security and/or regular operations.
Q: How do I report an emergency repair?
A: All emergencies should be reported by calling: 
  • 956-7134 between 7:20 AM � 4:00 PM (Monday thru Friday, excluding holidays)
  • 956-6911 (Campus Security) after regular business hours.