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OPF is Hiring 10 Professionals

Posted 2/20/2015

The Office of Planning and Facilities is hiring 10 professionals to help with planning, design, construction, and operations on campus. The 10  positions to be filled are: the Director of the Design and Construction division, Head of Design, Head of Construction, Head of Mechanical Engineering, Head of Electrical Engineering, a Design Management Architect, a Mechanical Engineer and Electrical Engineer with research facilities experience, a Planning Office Architect and an Assistant Space Planner. Click the links to learn more and apply!

Mahalo Building Coordinators for Your Support

Posted 2/13/2015

Last week's Building Coordinator Orientation was a success! The Building Coordinator Program will help improve the communication between building occupants and service units, including OPF, DPS, and EHSO, by providing a point of contact at each of Manoa's primary buildings. This will improve the safety, cleanliness, and maintenance of our building by streamlining communication to and from the Work Coordination Center. The OPF Website has a page dedicated to Building Coordinators, and will include a calendar of events reflecting training and focus group sessions, a list of buildings and their corresponding building coordinator, FAQs, and a link to the BC Support Staff listserv. Mahalo to Chancellor Robert Bley-Vroman, Vice Chancellor Kathy Cutshaw, and Assistant Vice Chancellor Stephen Meder for their opening remarks and ongoing support, and a big mahalo to all the building coordinators and support staff for your dedication and commitment to our campus.

The Office of Planning and Facilities Website Goes Live!

Posted 2/4/2015

The Office of Planning and Facilities (OPF) Website is now live! This site's purpose is to serve as a focal point for notifications on the latest OPF news, construction notices, and outages. This site replaces the information and functions from the former Planning Office website and Facilities websites. Here, you can find information about OPF, submitting a work request in AiM, reserving a room, long-range master plans, maps, Manoa Green Days, the latest building coordinator information, the construction staging map, and frequently asked questions. This site is still under construction, with more features to come. Keep checking back for more updates!