Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who is eligible to get a Manoa One Card?

All new/incoming UH Manoa Students, Faculty, and Staff members receive a UH Manoa ID card, now known as the Manoa One Card. Each card is specific to the individual's status at the University and entitles the cardholder to certain university privileges and benefits.

How do I obtain my Manoa One Card and how much does it cost?

See "Getting Your Card".

What documentation do I need to obtain a Manoa One Card?

One of the following forms of identification is required to get a new or replacement Manoa One Card:

•  A valid State-issued driver's license with photo
•  A valid State-issued photo ID card
•  A valid passport with photo
•  A valid military ID card

What is my Manoa One Card ID number?

Your Manoa One Card number will be the same as your University issued student number. It is important that you know your student number, as it is required when you apply for your ID.

If I receive a new Manoa One Card does everything transfer from my old ID?

Yes. The ID management system will hold all information involving your dining accounts, along with everything else tied to your old ID card.

If I do not have the new Manoa One Card will my card still work?

Yes. The ID management system will treat both cards the same. All readers used will allow for reading the magstripe on either card, so the functionality will remain on both cards.

Where is the Manoa One Card office located?

The Manoa One Card Office is located within the Ticket, Information and ID Office at Campus Center on the second floor. The office is near Subway in the Northwest corner of the building.

I need a replacement UH Manoa ID card. How much will it cost?

New Students and new Faculty/Staff will receive their initial ID for no additional charge. However, there is non-refundable $25 fee for replacing lost or damaged cards. The Manoa One Card account will be renewed in the Blackboard system, so cardholders do not have to come back each semester to get a new card. The card is designed to last throughout the duration of each individual's time at UH Manoa.

Can I purchase a Manoa One Card if I want the new card?

We do not sell the new card. There is a plan to re-card the UH Manoa campus cardholders at no additional charge.

Do I need a validation stamp on my UH Manoa ID card?

Students who have the old or new version of the UH Manoa ID card no longer need the validation stamp on the back of the card. Validations are now read electronically. However, we will still be issuing physical stickers for students who participate in the U-Pass Transportation Program. To verify if you are assessed the Mandatory Transportation Fee:
  1. Login to MyUH
  2. Select "View Charges/Make Payment"
  3. Select "View My Account..."

What will make my card not validate electronically?

Access to associated student privileges may be denied if a student has not registered for the current term and/or has been placed on a financial hold by the University. Additionally, student privileges may also require the associated student fees to have been charged to the cardholder account.

What is an off-campus vendor does not accept my card as valid without a stamp?

Although there are no current “official” affiliations with any off-campus merchants to use the University’s card, we do understand that this change may impact how they provide benefits to cardholders. The merchants we researched all accepted the card regardless of the physical stamp and treat it the same as a Kamaʻāina discount. Please let us know what merchant does not accept your card by emailing us at, so we can contact them to work on a solution.

How do I remove a financial hold on my account so I can access my privileges?

Students can check holds and find information on who to contact to remove a hold here:

Note: Once a hold is completely removed, it may take up to 24 hours to restore card privileges to the UH Manoa ID card account.

Using Your Manoa One Card

Where can I use my card, and how do I know if my card is valid?

For a list of locations to use your card, please see the "Using Your One Card" tab. You will be able to access Dining Dollars regardless of your financial standing with the University, because it is a prepaid stored value. However, all other privileges that are shown on the "Using Your One Card" page will require students to be in good financial standing.

How can I put money into my Dining Dollars Account?

Deposits can now be made online or on the mobile app using eAccounts, or visit the Ticket, Information and ID Office and have them process the transaction for you. Remember, if you load $100 or more, you will receive an extra 10% in bonus Dining Dollars!

What is the difference between Dining Dollars and Meal Plan Points?

At the end of the academic year retail points included with the meal plans will expire. Dining Dollars will only expire after two years of inactivity. Both accounts can be used at the same Manoa Dining Services locations. For a list of these locations, follow the link:

Can cash be withdrawn from the Dining Dollars?

Refunds for Dining Dollars will be considered only after the Ticket, Information and ID Office reviews and verifies that the student is transferring or withdrawing from the University or, in extenuating circumstances, where an individual is no longer permitted on the UH Manoa campus. The Ticket, Information and ID Office at Campus Center can process valid refunds minus a $25 refund fee. Qualified refunds are made by check and may take 4-6 weeks for processing.

Is it OK to punch a hole in the card to make it so that I can put it on my key-ring?

The use of the card is governed by and the property of UH Manoa. It contains a near field communication (NFC) antenna, so punching holes or altering it in a damaging way will result in the cardholder being charged the $25 replacement fee.

What if I lose my One Card?

Please follow the steps found on the "Report a Lost or Stolen Card" page.