Getting Your Manoa One Card

Important Information: The new One Card system has added features to the UH Manoa ID Card to include the new Manoa One Card and the older UH Manoa ID card. This means both versions of the card can now be managed on eAccounts and include features such as viewing transaction history, freezing a lost or stolen card, membership access to the Warrior Recreation Center, and more!

New Student Tip: You are eligible for your UH Manoa ID as soon as you are registered for classes in the current semester.

Students obtain their UH Manoa ID Card now known as the Manoa One Card at the Campus Center Ticket, Information and ID Office, after they have established a University of Hawai'i email account and registered for UH Manoa classes. For most new students, this occurs during the orientation process. Any holds or financial obligations must be cleared before a UH Manoa ID Card will be validated with applicable privileges. Students receive an initial card at no additional charge. Replacing lost or damaged cards a $25 non-refundable fee.

Faculty/Staff obtain their card after they have been entered as an employee by Human Resources, established a University of Hawai'i email account, and have been verified by the UH Identity Management Services. Faculty and Staff members will also receive an initial card at no additional charge, but there is non-refundable $25 fee for replacing lost or damaged cards.

One of the following forms of identification is required to be issued a Manoa One Card:

  • A valid State-issued driver's license with photo.
  • A valid State-issued photo ID card
  • A valid passport with photo
  • A valid military ID card

Students who are enrolled in regular credit course work at UH Manoa (regular students) and are degree seeking will be issued a Manoa One Card and will be eligible for the privileges associated with the account. Students who are not degree seeking (non-regular students) and are attending non-credit classes, certification programs and other non-regular programs will receive a Manoa One Card with an expiration date. Privileges will vary student to student based on specific services and fees tied to the card holder.

Your Manoa One Card is used to verify your identity and to complete financial transactions. The card holder can and will be held liable for illegal use, and is responsible for immediately reporting a lost or stolen card.

Remember: The new card contains a near field communication (NFC) antenna, so punching holes or altering it in a damaging way will result in the cardholder being charged the $25 replacement fee.