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The UHM Ombuds Office subscribes to the International Ombudsman Association Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice. This means that the Ombuds Office is confidential, impartial, independent and informal.


The Ombuds Office is confidential. We will not identify you or discuss your particular concerns with anyone without your permission. The only exception occurs when we believe that disclosure is necessary to address an imminent risk of serious harm.


The Ombuds Office helps to identify the rights, interests and perspectives of all parties, and does not take sides. The Ombuds Office seeks to improve productive communication among UHM community members, and to enhance community fairness and mutual respect.


The Ombuds Office reports administratively to the Chancellor of the University of Hawai`i at Mānoa. We do not, however, provide the Chancellor or anyone else with personally identifying information concerning any visitor to the Ombuds Office, unless requested by the visitor and agreed to by the Ombuds Office.


The Ombuds Office is an informal, off-the-record resource, and does not participate in any formal adjudicative or administrative proceedings, but will inform the visitor about the availability of formal procedures, if appropriate. The Ombuds Office has no institutional decision-making authority, and cannot mandate change.