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What is EdReady?

EdReady is a personalized program designed to help learners test their readiness in math and English and gain a personalized learning path to fill in those knowledge gaps.

EdReady Hawaiʻi is an initiative managed by the Online Learning Academy at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa. The goal of the initiative is to provide access to online math and English readiness content for secondary (grades 6-12) and higher education students in Hawaiʻi statewide.

If you have not previewed EdReady for math, view this short video to find out more. English will be available in spring 2016. Watch the short orientation video to see it from a student's perspective.

EdReady: Accelerate your path to college and career from The NROC Project.

For more information, contact Davilla Gose at drgose@hawaii.edu.

Are you hoping to attend a school that requires you to complete an exam like the ACT® & SAT® before applying?

These exams are used by many schools as part of their admissions process. While you don't need to have mastered everything in order to get in, it is helpful to get as high a score as possible. The OLA and EdReady will help prepare you for either the ACT® & SAT® math exam. So, let's get started! Download the EdReady Getting Started Instructions (PDF)

Are you ready for college?

Then you need to prepare for the required math placement exam! Pursue this goal to get yourself ready for the COMPASS® exam. This exam is important! EdReady can help to identify your knowledge gaps and then prepare you to do your best on the exam. So, let's get started! Download the EdReady Getting Started Instructions (PDF)

What is the assessment?

So that EdReady can understand what math concepts you know and what concepts you might need to work on, you are asked to take an initial diagnostic assessment. This assessment will cover the topics included on either the ACT®, SAT® or COMPASS® exam. The assessment will take approximately one hour to complete.

What is the target score?

EdReady calculates a target score that reflects the proportion of any assessment that you have mastered. Regardless of the length of the assessment (e.g., the number of topics or units that is covered), your score will always be shown on a scale ranging from 0 to 100.

What is a study plan?

This is the personalized study plan based upon your initial diagnostic assessment results. You will be able to improve your math knowledge and increase your EdReady score using this study plan. Your study plan has interactive lessons (e.g., audio, video, practice problems, simulations and online textbook) that will help you reach your target goal.