Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) Program

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The Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) Program Model is to prepare all students for college and other postsecondary opportunities. A main component of the AVID curriculum is the tutorial, which provides students an opportunity for effective, rigorous and collaborative tutoring time each week. The AVID tutorial process has been divided into three parts — before the tutorial, during the tutorial and after the tutorial. The Online Learning Academy focuses primarily on "during the tutorial" portion of the AVID model. However, students are encouraged to log into OLA’s tutoring room during our normal operating hours, too.

The OLA offered free Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) tutorial support for DOE students statewide between 2013 ­ 2015. Our tutors provided math and science tutoring in an inquiry-driven, problem-solving format to schools and individuals that were interested in tutoring using the AVID tutorial model. In addition to providing tutoring, OLA tutors served as college mentors for the AVID students that would not otherwise have access to university students.

Last school year, approximately 380 students from ten schools participated in our online AVID tutoring program. Approximately 233 tutoring sessions and 208 tutoring hours were logged during the spring semester.

Student testimonials:

  • "It has helped me bring up my grades in core classes because if it wasn’t for this AVID tutoring I would have been a person who doesn’t do the work."
  • "A strength of the Online Learning Academy tutoring is that we can communicate to make sure we understand what we are learning and share our ideas."
  • "For me, I think one of the strengths is being able to work with a live tutor that can help us with everything."
  • "One strength of the online tutoring is that the tutors are trained students from UH Mānoa."

Teacher testimonials:

  • "The AVID tutors were able to support my students in helping them solve Math problems they did not understand. I liked it that the students now have a site outside of the classroom to go to for support and help with their work. The tutors were very friendly and willing to work with my students."
  • "It was great to actually work with university students. It was great to actually go though the tutorial process."
  • "The tutors were very patient and understanding with my students. They were able to complete tutorials weekly. Tutors did feedback weekly."

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