EdReady Cybermentors

Cherie Guillermo

Major or intended major: Biology and Filipino
High School Attended: McKinley High School
Favorite Thing about College: Networking with other students and faculty members

What you want to do after College: After my undergraduate, I plan on pursuing a higher education by getting my masters. I want to focus my research on medical related topics.

College and Me: My college experience is very memorable because of the people that I had met and the faculty staffs that I had gotten close to. One of the best decisions that I had made was engaging in research because I was able to grow as a person, as a student and a community member. At the same time, OLA also contributed to my growth because of the confidence that I had developed over the years from tutoring as well as the new skills that I gained from being an EdReady Cybermentor. Through the classes that I have taken -- math, microbiology, chemistry, zoology, and biochemistry, I also learned to grow as a student because of the rigor that they provide. It taught me how to read and write scientific papers while my literature classes expanded my knowledge on theories and other ways of reading texts. I learned to read actively instead of passively.

What you like about working at OLA: The feeling of accomplishment when a student comes in struggling with a question and then leaving the tutoring session understanding the materials. It’s priceless when you know that you made a contribution in someone’s academic journey.

Bijan Mandanizadeh

Major or intended major: Mechanical Engineering
Favorite thing about college: How much your mind grows from the experience of college
High school attended: Punahou High School

What you want to do after college: Take the FE and PE exams with hopes to manage an engineering firm and even more importantly, continue learning and growing every day.

College and Me: At first, I was really intimidated by the new environment and challenges that is college. Choosing a mechanical engineering degree only added to my anxiety when it came to the first few weeks of my college career. However, as time moved on and I began to take more and more upper-level classes, I realized that going to UHM and taking the mechanical engineering undergrad was literally the best decision I have made to date. The overall environment of college is always pushing me to further my knowledge and become a generally more informed individual. In addition, my engineering classes absolutely broadened my knowledge in several major fields including math, physics, chemistry, thermodynamics, electrical circuits, programming, etc.

What you like about working at OLA: Not only is it great to be helping those who need and seek it at no cost to them, but my favorite part is being able to utilize everything I am learning with my degree to help any student in need.

Nicole Isoda

Major or intended major: Math/Computer science (double-major), French (minor)
High school attended: Kapa'a High School

What you want to do after college: After graduation, I would like to work in one of the many fields of computer sciences. There are so many opportunities available from software engineering, to cybersecurity, to network analysis, and more! Each field requires different skills and will definitely provide a diverse and exciting work environment in today's technology era.

College and Me: My college experience thus far has been a great way for me to grow socially, mentally, and physically. Socially, I have had the opportunity to meet other students from across the globe. Through them I have been exposed to different cultures and ways of life. Mentally, my courses have allowed me to experience different disciplines from history, to anthropology, to chemistry, to physics, to French language and culture, and (of course) math and computer sciences. Learning about how each discipline sees the world similarly or differently allows me to make more informed opinions on what happens in everyday life. Physically, I have grown from a child living at home with my parents to an independent young adult living on my own. I have become more responsible for my own well-being, including, but not limited to, staying active, eating a proper diet that can support my active-student lifestyle, and stress/time management between my work and school obligations. These growths have all helped me to prepare for life in the "real world" where I will no longer have people telling me what to do or where to go every step of the way.

What you like about working at OLA: Working at OLA has opened my eyes to different styles of learning across all ages. I have had the opportunity to help students understand concepts that they may have been confused with simply because their teacher explained it in a way that was unclear to them. It is very rewarding as a tutor when I am able to help a student better/more clearly understand his/her homework by adapting my tutoring to accommodate the student's best style of learning.