University of Hawaii at Manoa


Students can use OLA in any of the following ways:

  • one-on-one peer tutoring - most OLA tutors were born and raised in Hawaii and attended local public schools, so they have a connection to students coming in for tutoring
  • pre-college mentorship - OLA tutors are University of Hawaii at Manoa undergraduate and graduate students - they can talk to students about the college application process, what college is like, and how students can prepare for college
  • vocabulary building - tutors can help students define vocabulary words that are important to understanding math and science content
  • reading comprehension - students can get assistance in understanding math and science word problems, essay questions and homework or project instructions
  • content reinforcement - students can review with tutors major ideas and benchmarks for math and science
  • review for quizzes or tests - tutors can help prepare students for upcoming quizzes and tests
  • assessment corrections - students can review with tutors missed problems and correct their assessments with the right answers
  • completing science lab reports - tutors can show students the steps of the scientific method and help them complete science lab reports
  • homework help - tutors can help with a wide variety of homework types (i.e., practice problems, essays, science lab reports, projects, brainstorming project ideas, science fair projects, etc.)
  • practice problems - tutors can review practice questions with students over a variety of math and science topics
  • science fair - tutors can guide students through the steps of the scientific method and completing a science fair project