How It Works - Writing Services

5 Easy Steps to Meet with a Tutor:

1. Visit our Website

Visit our Website and
click on the "Schedule an Appointment" link.

2. Create an Account

2A. After choosing the "Schedule an Appointment" link, you will be lead to this screen (see right image).

Here, you will choose the "click here to register" option.

Step 2A figure

2B. After choosing the "click here to register" option, you will be lead to this screen (see right image).

Here, you will fill in the information, create a password and click Register.

Step 2B figure

3. Schedule an Appointment

3A. After creating an account, you are ready to schedule your first appointment.

To do so, click on a light grey box on the schedule. (light grey indicates that no appointment has been set during the time slot)

Step 3A figure

3B. Clicking the grey time slot, will open this window (see right image).

Fill in the in the boxes. (The more specific you are, the better we will be able to meet your needs)

If you have an assignment ready, please attach it to the appointment. This will allow the tutor to be prepared for you.

Step 3Bfigure

4. Log on at Time of Appointment

Be sure to return to the website at the time of your appointment, this will allow you to enter the Online Tutoring Platform, where you will meet your tutor.

To enter the platform choose "Start or Join Online Consultation."

Step 4 figure

5. Enter the Online Tutoring Platform

You will now find yourself in the Online Tutoring Platform where your tutor should be ready to help you with any questions you have.

Step 5 figure