How It Works - Math & Science

The Online Learning Academy offers free online math and science tutoring for all Hawaiʻi Department of Education (K-12), community college and UH Mānoa students state-wide. Tutors are available to help with classwork or homework during our hours of operation, Monday to Friday, 1pm to 10pm and Sunday, 5pm to 10pm. Please visit our homepage and click Enter Tutoring Room to start tutoring.

How To Login To Online Learning Academy from University of Hawaii OLA.

Using Mobile Devices OLA from Edmond Lee.

Get Started

To get started, follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to our website.
Step 2: Click on Enter Tutoring Room.
Step 3: Enter your first name.
Step 4: Click Login.
When prompted, download and open meeting.jnlp file...Java will load.

You're In!

Once you see this screen, you have reached our main tutoring page. A tutor will greet you promptly via chat and will test audio after. For detailed instructions, click here for PC computers (PDF)* or click here for MAC computers (PDF)*.

OLA main room screen

Feedback Survey

After your tutoring session, please let us know how it went by completing a short survey (click here) . Your feedback is very important to us! The survey is anonymous and will only take about five minutes to complete.