Aloha and welcome back to the start of another academic year! Fall is always an exciting time, full of promises- to learn new skills, to improve our habits, and to get better grades! Fortunately, you can not only make sure that you keep these promises to yourself but, even better, they reinforce each other and work together! Good students have developed a growth mindset that helps them accept that learning is difficult and challenging but that they will not be deterred nor will they give up in the face of a challenge. Rather, successful students have a mindset that allows them to develop habits to cope with difficulties- challenges actually make them better and stronger! One such habit is the practice of immediately seeking help (rather than waiting and sinking further into confusion!) to clarify concepts that are not understood. OLA is a great resource for students to seek help as we are:

  • Open late (until 10pm)
  • Available online (for those times when you are off campus and don’t have access to an instructor or tutor)
  • Completely free
  • Staffed by tutors who are, themselves, students so that they are great mentors and role models

Make a promise to yourself today and keep it! See how much you can improve your grades just by getting help when you need it! Don’t put it off! Drop into OLA today!!!