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Please check the Google Calendar to see when UH College of Social Sciences Econ and Psych tutors are available:

Accessing The Tutoring Room Is Simple- Just Follow These Easy Steps!


Step 1

Access this site during OLA hours. You can also check out the Tutor Shifts Calendar.


Step 2

For Math & Science Tutoring, you don’t need an appointment, just Enter the Tutoring Room


Step 3

First time here? Download the launcher when prompted (open meeting.jlnp). If you’ve done this before, continue to Step 4.
PDF Instructions for MacOS and Windows PC.


Step 4

Enter your first name and log in to the Blackboard. And you’re in! A tutor will greet you promptly via chat and will test audio soon after.

How we support students

Drop-in 1-on-1 peer tutoring

Most OLA tutors were born and raised in Hawaiʻi and attended local public schools, so they have a connection to students coming in for tutoring. They are upper class-men and graduate students in Psychology and Economics who have mastered the content in the courses you are currently taking

Homework help

Tutors can help with a wide variety of homework types (e.g., practice problems, project reports, brainstorming project ideas, etc.)

Assessment Corrections

Students can get tutoring help to review missed problems and  to correct assessments

Test and Quiz Review

Tutors can help prepare students for upcoming tests and quizzes

College and career mentorship

OLA tutors are University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa undergraduate and graduate students who are preparing for careers in Psychology and Economics – they can speak frankly to students about their experience in their majors and career opportunities

Content Reinforcement

Students can review with tutors major ideas and course standards

Tutoring Hours

Please see calendar for tutor availability

Please see calendar for tutor availability

Closed on Saturdays and all State Holidays
During peak hours (after 5 p.m.), tutoring sessions will be limited to one hour.

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