OLA Testimonials

Math & science tutor feedback from students:

"I like that my tutor was very patient with me and was willing to answer any questions that I had on the concepts that I needed help on. My tutor was very friendly and made sure that I understood what he was saying. I like how he used analogies to help me better understand."

"The tutor I had would constantly try to help me understand all of the parts of my question. If I didn't understand it this way, she would find a different way to explain it to me."

"[Tutor name] was a super great tutor! He explained everything very carefully in detail, and even gave extra examples to help me. He really took the time to make sure I understood the concept, and helped correct my work along the way."

"I really liked being able to talk to the tutor and to draw what Chemistry problem I was having. The tutor was excellent and we worked out the problem. She was very friendly and helpful."

"...He also had the Aloha Spirit thru the computer so thanks, I'm definitely coming back"

Writing tutor feedback from students:

"She was amazing and gave me exactly the help and information I needed to feel more confident and write a strong research paper."

"He was extremely helpful and really assisted me in being more specific with my thesis statement."

"It was a great session. Interactive!"

Tutoring feedback from teachers:

"Thank you for supporting our learners here at the High Schools and at UH!"

"Thanks for offering this service. I know at least one of my students told me it worked really well for her."

Tutoring feedback from parents:

"THANK YOU again for providing such an important service. IT REALLY DOES MAKE A DIFFERENCE!"

Tutoring feedback from tutors:

"OLA not only helps students, but it helps the tutors become more and more confident after each session. When a session goes well and the student finally understands all of the concepts, it feels good to know that you were the one who helped him/her clarify what they were unsure about….I love that I can help others and also learn a lot in the process as well."

"The best moments of being a tutor is when students reach that "clicking point" where it all makes sense. It is very rewarding!"

AVID feedback:

"For me, I think one of the strengths is being able to work with a live tutor that can help us with everything. Another one is when the tutors give us examples so that we can understand it more."

"The tutors try their best to understand why and what we are confused about and they try to make us feel comfortable and safe using their program."

EdReady feedback:

"Dear EdReady Team,
I have taken my Compass exam, and with your help reached a 200 math level! I cannot begin to express how grateful I am for this program! Without it I would not have been prepared for my placement test. Please let me know if I can do anything to ensure that this program continues."