Donate to Center for Okinawan Studies

The Center for Okinawan Studies is very fortunate to have three local Okinawan community members, Robert Nakasone (Senior Advisor), Edward Kuba (Senior Advisor), and Lloyd Arakaki (Fundraing Coordinator) who work tirelessly to raise funds for COS. Thanks to them, we have had donors from the local community make contributions to our Center. We salute these three gentlemen and appreciate their efforts to help sustain the Center’s activities and growth.

What Donations Go Toward

The donations made for COS will go toward having events, such as the free public lectures that we offer, and also, we hope that someday soon we will be able to provide scholarships to students. We hope to provide financial assistance to them in order that they may do their research in Okinawan studies. We can further build and develop Okinawan studies to be a field rich with human resources, research materials and strong interest in learning about Okinawa and its culture and people.

Please see our Funding page for financial opportunities made available to students for Okinawan studies.

How You Can Help

To make a gift in support of COS, please visit the UH Foundation website to make your pledge online or please call the UH Foundation at 808-376-7800. For donation with checks, please make it payable Center for Okinawan Studies using the following address: UH Foundation P O Box 11270 Honolulu, HI 96828-0270


THANK YOU for your continued support of the Center for Okinawan Studies at the University of Hawaii.

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