Upcoming events in February 2013

October 22, 2012

Mark your calendars: Joint event series in February 2013

A series of events, including an exhibition and symposium, will be held in February 2013.  The events are being sponsored by: UHM Outreach College, Center for Okinawan Studies, Center for Japanese Studies, Department of Art & Art History, Department of History, National Museum of Japanese History (Japan), The Graduate University for Advanced Studies (Japan) and UHM Library.

The exhibition “Picturing the Ryukyus: Images of Okinawa in Japanese Artworks from the UH Sakamaki/Hawley Collection” will run Feb. 7 (Thursday) – Feb. 22 (Friday) 2013 at the UHM Art Department Commons Gallery.  A public lecture titled “Discovering Historical Parades and Processions from China, Korea, and Ryukyu during the Edo Period” will be held Feb. 10 (Sunday) 2013, 1:00 – 4:30. There will also be a symposium, “Interpreting Parades and Processions of Edo Japan: History, Culture, and Foreign Relations,” that will be held Feb. 11 (Monday) 2013, 9:00 -4:30. Both lecture and symposium will be held at the UHM Center for Korean Studies Auditorium.

UHM Library has created a webpage for the joint event series and it is available here: http://www.hawaii.edu/asiaref/japan/event2013/Index.htm

Please see webpage for complete details.  The page will be updated with the latest information leading up to the event dates.


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