Hūlili Bridge Program

The Native Hawaiian Student Services (NHSS) Hūlili Bridge Program is a six-week summer intensive support service for Native Hawaiian community college students who plan to transition from their home campus to the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa.

Students selected will participate in campus orientation tours, workshops designed to increase academic preparedness, wellness & cultural enrichment as well as a Hawaiian Studies summer course for credit. All expenses are paid and selectees will also receive a summer stipend. The Hūlili Bridge team is dedicated to providing kōkua (help) and programming to our talented students in an effort to produce highly skilled and educated Native Hawaiian leaders.

Transfer Students Hulili

The Hūlili Bridge Program is specifically structured to support Native Hawaiian students in successfully completing their baccalaureate degree and beyond.  Some ways in which the Hulili bridge program can support you as a transfer student are in the following ways:

Academic planning – 4 year plan check-in, connect with major advisors, registration assistance.

Wellness Workshop and Counseling – Stress and time management, balancing school and home life, self care.

Leadership Skills  – Effective learning strategies and network with Native Hawaiian scholars and community leaders to build the lāhui.

Campus Orientation and Resources – Financial aid/scholarships, student services departments.

This year’s summer bridge program will run during UH Mānoa’s second summer session (July 7, 2014 -August 14, 2014) and application deadline is March 14, 2014.

Students will have the option to dorm on campus or commute to UH Mānoa.

Questions? contact:
Māhealani Quirk