UH Institutional Data and Other Research

University of Hawaii Institutional Data & Our “Native Hawaiian Student Profile” Series. NHSS staff has access to the UH Operational Data Store (ODS) database, which is fed by Banner.  ODS is the preferred database to query data used in reports, as it “freezes” data at benchmark points throughout the semester for static reporting benchmarks.  This data access is used to understand enrollment and graduation trends, as well as more specific information about student performance and matriculation.  NHSS uses this data to publish its annual “Native Hawaiian Student Profile” report, as well as other avenues for data dissemination, to the extent allowable by law and UH data governance regulations.

For specific information or requests, see “Formal Data Requests” section below, or contact our Research & Evaluation Coordinator, Nālani Balutski at balutski@hawaii.edu.

Research & Evaluation

“Ma luna a‘e o nā lāhui a pau ke ola o ke kanaka.”

“Above all nations is humanity.
(Motto of University of Hawai‘i)”