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Students with research projects or ideas should seek out a Professor who agrees to provide guidance and mentorship throughout the course of the project. Faculty may also seek out a Native Hawaiian undergraduate student to work as a research assistant on a faculty project. In either case, the student must submit a 1-2 page basic research proposal describing the project, skills developed through the project, the projectʻs timeline and benchmarks.

A number of fellowships will be awarded and priority will be given to projects that reflect thought and attention to Ea – to the collective advancement, health and well-being of our land and people; and that seek to examine pressing issues facing the lāhui Hawaiʻi today.

Research projects focusing on issues of climate change, ocean health, soil health and food production, Hawaiian history, the resurgence of Hawaiian cultural practices and language, the protection of land and sacred sites, and issues facing Hawaiians in education are especially encouraged to apply. Projects that engage Hawaiian language sources will also carry greater weight and consideration. We look forward to considering applications from all disciplines.


Fellowship awardees will be notified within one week of their application submission. Students will report hours and receive paychecks through the student employment office (SECE).


Recipients will present their work at the Spring 2020 NHSS Lāhui Hawaiʻi Research Center Conference.


An online application can be found below. As part of the application, the student will email the 1-2 page research proposal described above, as well as a copy of their transcripts, to The fellowship is open and ongoing. Applications will be considered on a first come – first serve basis and the fellowship has a maximum of 9 slots. Students must have enough time to complete enough of the project to be able to present at the LHRC conference in late March/early April of Spring, 2020.

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