Career Development

Aka Lehulehu

The purpose of Aka Lehulehu is to help upper-division undeclared undergraduate Native Hawaiian students attending UH Mānoa complete their Bachelor’s degrees by providing integrated career and research-focused internships. In keeping with the Hawaiian worldview of maintaining balance, the program is designed to be holistic in nature and encourage academic and life success through guidance and mentoring. Aka Lehulehu refers to the “shadow of the multitudes” or, more figuratively, “a well worn path.” That is, the mentor knows the path well and the student “shadows” the mentor. In this context, students will discover they have many mentors, sources of support, and guidance in their journey through higher education and beyond. As such, in addition to gaining valuable real world work experience, we also have students engage in activities which also help them to clarify personal values and interests, strengthen personal gifts, and foster self-reflection that will contribute to assisting in declaring a major and graduating within a 2-year time frame. Aka Lehulehu is in its last cycle; however, NHSS hopes to secure additional funding to continue our internship program.

Hūlili Student Professional Development Program

Participation in this professional development opportunity helps address activity three of our Hūlili grant, “To increase training and development opportunities for Native Hawaiian Student Services Professionals and Native Hawaiian Students.”

As a professional organization dedicated to supporting scholars and others who work in the academic field of Native American and Indigenous Studies, it is important for NHSS to connect with other indigenous studies scholars to help us build and strengthen our work at the University of Hawai‘i in support of Native Hawaiian students.

Our collective participant learning outcomes are:

  • To provide undergraduate mentoring and professional development to Native Hawaiian students
  • To strengthen and build the knowledge base and skill sets of our students.
  • To provide a space for Hawaiian students to network, discuss, and ideate
  • To provide opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students to engage in collaborative learning and peer mentoring
  • To inform the international audience of the unique work of promising Hawai‘inuiākea student scholars
  • To develop a national Indigenous studies professional network for NHSS
  • To network Native Hawaiian students and NHSS staff with Native and Indigenous scholars across the nation
  • To discuss and ideate on increasing matriculation and articulation efforts of Native Hawaiian students from community colleges to UH Mānoa

Selection for the program is through an application process.  The application deadline for Spring 2013 has passed but we hope to offer this opportunity every semester.

For questions regarding this program please contact

Pearl Wu
Hūlili Program Coordinator


“Ma luna a‘e o nā lāhui a pau ke ola o ke kanaka.”

“Above all nations is humanity.
(Motto of University of Hawai‘i)”