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The Hawaiian New Student Orientation (HNSO) is apart of the Eia Mānoa project, which pushes to increase Native Hawaiian undergraduate educational attainment here at Mānoa. The Hawaiian New Student Orientation specifically engages students and creates institutional access by:

  • Inviting incoming Hawaiian freshmen, transfer students and their ʻohana to a FREE orientation here at UH Mānoa
  • Introducing students to awesome Hawaiian professors, faculty and staff across disciplines to create a sense of belonging
  • Open a space for Hawaiian students to network with each other
  • Hosting a Resource Fair of different departments at UH Mānoa including Financial Aid, Kuaʻana, Public Safety, other Hawaiian serving departments and more!
  • Holding panel discussions on different topics with current UH Mānoa students
  • Take a customized campus tour with a current UH Mānoa student
  • Get on-site academic advising

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to go to the Hawaiian New Student Orientation?

The Hawaiian New Student Orientation is completely FREE.

If I go to the Hawaiian New Student Orientation should I go to the New Student Orientation?

This orientation is separate from the New Student Orientation and Week of Welcome activities and programs offered by UHM (you should have received information about this in your welcome and admission packet from the university). All orientation activities are optional, but highly encouraged. Our orientation for Native Hawaiian students is COMPLETELY FREE, but should be seen as supplementary to the general New Student Orientation and Week of Welcome events.

Can I bring a guest to the Hawaiian New Student Orientation?

Yes, we highly encourage students to bring their ʻohana to orientation because we believe that our students success is a group effort, starting from home.

When is the Hawaiian New Student Orientation?

Every year Native Hawaiian Student Services host HNSO on “Statehood Day”.

Where do I park? How much does parking cost?

Since HNSO is hosted on “Statehood Day” every year you can park anywhere on campus (except in the Reserved Stalls) or in any of the parking structures for FREE.

Where is HNSO hosted?

The exact location changes every year but it will always be on campus at UH Mānoa


If you have any other questions about HNSO please do not hesitate to contact Puna Kalipi at or 808-956-3111.

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