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Where Are Our Graduates?

Our graduates have found thriving careers in a variety of areas – in Hawaiʻi and beyond – such as in marine, earth and natural sciences and environmental careers.  They also work in television and radio broadcasting, are employed as curators, scholars, researchers, cartographers and translators, and enjoy careers as scholars, writers and journalists, as well as consultants and designers engaged with web-based projects and as artisans in the visual arts and fashion design arts!

Many have continued on to earn their professional degrees to become college and university faculty, K-12 teachers and curriculum developers, as well as lawyers who specialize in Hawaiian political, land and water rights issues.  They have flourishing careers as physicians and health practitioners concerned with improving the health and well-being for our people, and serve in leadership positions in government as well as in private and philanthropic sectors.

Naturally, many have found fame as kumu hula, musicians and composers in the dramatic and performance arts, as visual and film artists and in the recreation and sports fields as directors and coaches.  Others have found productive livelihoods as cultural practitioners, as Hawaiian healers and as traditional farmers, artisans and in fishing, much like our kūpuna, who have strong ties to our ‘āina!  Our belief is, “Anything you can do in English, you can do better in Hawaiian!”

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