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Graduation Meeting & Filing the Graduation Application

As you near the completion of your studies, you will schedule a Graduation Meeting early in your final semester, to inform your Academic Advisor about your progress, and to bring your work together to a close.  If all is in order (i.e., degree and major requirements are fulfilled) your Advisor will have you complete all forms to apply for graduation and guide you through the process to reserve a place for your commencement and order your graduation regalia (accessible on-line).  Though your participation in the UH Commencement and Lā Hemo Kula is voluntary, it is encouraged!

Academic Calendar & Graduation Application Deadline

Students planning to graduate should familiarize themselves with the dates relating to application for graduation and other pertinent deadlines (see the Academic Calendar in the current catalog).  It is necessary to apply for graduation by the specified deadline in order to graduate in a particular term, whether or not the student plans to attend the commencement and/or Lā Hemo Kula ceremonies.

Applications received after the graduation application deadline will not be accepted.

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