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We understand that graduate education for most students is a big decision, especially in the current economy. When considering this decision you should take into account a variety of factors including questions about …

  • What type of career could you have with this degree?
  • Will you be able to find a job once you graduate?
  • How much will it cost and how will you finance it?
  • Are you prepared for the commitment?

Steps to applying:

1.  Choose a program

  • What do you want to study?
  • Where do you want to study?
  • What will you do with the degree once you graduate?
  • Are you prepared to apply? Important factors to consider when applying to graduate schools include grade point average, prerequisite requirements, standardized testing scores.

2.  Research admissions requirements for programs

Contact the programs you have chosen. Ask about:

  • Application requirements
  • Standardized testing
  • Application time frame

3.  Prepare to apply

  • Take any required standardized tests
  • Gather required paperwork
  • Ask for letters of recommendation – Ask early!

4.  Apply

  • Follow directions:
    • Programs often have specific requirements for applications; failing to correctly fulfill these requirements can cause an applicant to be denied admission. These requirements can include where to send application materials, directions for your statement of intent/personal statement, writing sample, and letters of recommendation.  Programs devote time to writing their application directions, applicants should be sure they understand what is required.
  • Submit applications and supporting documents early:
    • Many programs begin evaluating applications as soon as they are received, to increase your chances of being admitted you should apply early. Applications can also have several parts and supporting documents, the earlier you submit your application the more time a program has to notify you of missing elements.
  • Double check to see you have submitted everything.
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