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NHSS Mālama Program creates signature partnerships with families and interdepartmental and organizational collaborative work to support strategic decision making for college readiness and preparation.

Native Hawaiian Student Services – Mālama Program provides high school and community college students an opportunity to get a hands-on experience at UH Mānoa as well as life as a college student by visiting different departments and resources UH Mānoa has to provide.

Outreach programs include:

  • Aloha ʻĀina Work Days: Aloha ‘āina, or love for the land, brings students from high school or organizations and UH Mānoa to visit different communities while creating networks with UH Mānoa students.
  • Career Exploration: Students from different high schools and community colleges come together and get a hands-on experience in a variety of possible careers (example: Education, Hawaiian Knowledge, Engineering, etc.) and the importance of receiving a higher education.
  • Student Group Visits: Students from organizations and school from middle to community college visit UH Mānoa campus, checking out different departments and resources on campus such as NHSEMP (Native Hawaiian Science & Engineering Mentorship Program), Kānewai Loʻi, School of Social Work, etc.
  • UH Student Mentor Placement (at select DOE Schools): UH Mānoa students outreach to high school students and cover a variety of resources vital for students interested in coming to UH Mānoa or college in general.

For more information – contact or call 956-4288.

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