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Your Academic Advisor is here to assist you with your academic and career development, as well as any issues related to your education.

Student meeting with an academic advisor

Office Hours and Making An Appointment

Every semester (including Summer), your Academic Advisor will announce office hours.  The office hours are established for students and others to make an appointment during this time period only. Please make an appointment during these office hours so that the time dedicated to meeting your needs is focused and productive.  Keep in mind that besides academic advising, your Academic Advisor is also engaged in other activities campus-wide and throughout the community.

Feel free to contact or request an appointment with your Academic Advisor.

Mandatory Meetings with Your Academic Advisor

You are required to schedule a series of meetings with your Advisor as you progress throughout your program of study.  For Freshmen and Sophomore students (up to 54 earned credits) you are required to meet with your Academic Advisor each semester.

Be prepared to discuss:

  • Appropriate ways to schedule meeting times with your advisor
  • How best to communicate with you, the student
  • Academic planning
  • Course registration
  • Future plans/career goals
  • Issues with:
    • Financial aid
    • Athletics
    • Student housing
    • Employment
    • Health challenges
    • ADA accommodations

You should provide updated addresses, phone numbers, emails and other contact information.  You are responsible to update this information with your Advisor when there are changes.

Besides meeting with your Advisor at the required times and meetings, you may also request additional phone contact or additional meetings.

Special Series of Advising Meetings with Your Academic Advisor

There are a series of special meetings, which happen at specified times throughout your undergraduate study.  Think of them as formal checkpoints, or “gates” through which you must pass before going on to the next step towards completing your degree and major.  These special meetings are intended to enable you and your Advisor to maintain contact at critical moments in your passage through the program.  The required meetings consist of the following:

New Student Orientation Meeting

Each semester, newly admitted students should plan to attend an orientation meeting that is scheduled before classes begin.  The orientation meeting is held on a one-to-one or small group basis (which may be combined during the Introductory Meeting).  Newly admitted majors should consult with your Academic Advisor as soon as possible but no later than Week 8 of the semester of admission.

Introductory Meeting

As soon as possible after your New Student Orientation meeting (but no later than the end of your semester of admission) please schedule an Introductory Meeting (may be combined with the New Student Orientation Meeting).  This is a get-acquainted meeting where you will introduce yourself to your Advisor, describe your educational and professional goals, set-up a written plan for your studies and discuss the next steps that are coming up for you in our program.  At this meeting, you will sign forms declaring your major(s), so it is important that you come prepared to make a firm decision.

For students who may want to transfer credits from other universities or community colleges, this is also the time that you should inform your Academic Advisor of your need to transfer credits.

Similarly, students who are 2nd BA degree seeking candidates should also schedule an Introductory Meeting to discuss a plan of study for the second degree. A 2nd BA degree means that you have already earned a previous undergraduate degree at an accredited institution.  It is not a declaration of a double major or concurrent major.

Also, if you have special concerns or learning needs, including health needs, you and your Advisor will work out a plan for addressing them.  This is also the time to inform your Advisor if you have need for any ADA accommodations.

Mandatory Advisor-Advisee Meeting

This meeting is required each semester for all Freshmen and Sophomore students (up to 54 earned credits). Retention studies (i.e., progress made in the first two years of college) indicate that these meetings do help most students graduate on time and fully qualified.  Therefore, you must schedule an appointment to meet with your Academic Advisor to discuss your progress and to make written plans for your studies.  Advanced students (i.e., beyond 54 earned credits) may schedule meetings on an as-needed basis and are encouraged to do so.

Registration Advising Meetings

For Freshmen and Sophomore students (up to 54 earned credits), as soon as the schedule of courses for the coming semester is announced, it is your responsibility to make an appointment with your Advisor to discuss your registration.  Although your registration is completed independently on-line through your MyUH account, you must keep your Academic Advisor informed and be aware of prerequisites or other special conditions that may apply as you register.  Your Registration Advising Meeting may be combined with your Mandatory Advisor-Advisee Meeting.

Request an appointment with an advisor now.

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