Hawaiian Language Placement Exam


HLPE Exam Purpose

The purpose of the HLPE is to assess Hawaiian Language acquisition and proficiency for appropriate placement into the Hawaiian language courses offered at UH Mānoa in order for students to meet the Hawaiian and/or Second Language undergraduate graduation requirement. The HLPE is not a diagnostic test, nor is the HLPE a formative or summative assessment. As a placement test, students must complete subsequent course work to demonstrate language skills acquired, and/or language competency or proficiency in reading, writing, speaking, listening and reasoning using Hawaiian Language over time.

Take the HLPE Exam Early

Since results of the HLPE placement exam are used to place students into appropriate Hawaiian language levels and courses, it is to the student’s advantage to take the exam well in advance of the UH Mānoa registration periods.  In general, the Spring HLPE results are used for Summer and Fall registration.  The Fall HLPE results are used for Spring registration.  Test early!

HLPE Exam Proctor

Please contact our HLPE Exam Proctor, Dr. Kamuela KaʻAhanui, Academic Advisor at kukakuka@hawaii.edu or phone 808.956.7637 to register for one of the HLPE exam sessions, or for more information.

Click here to see the 2014-2015 HLPE exam schedule and to register for the HLPE. Request an appointment now.