Double Majors

Hawaiʻinuiākea students may opt to be a double major in both Hawaiian Language and Hawaiian Studies to earn their undergraduate degree.

  • Double major = Two degrees from the same school or college

  • Concurrent major = Two degrees from two different schools or colleges


To double major, a student must:

  1. Earn 25 credits of successful coursework
  2. Have a minimum 2.0 GPA
  3. Submit application for double major


Double majors must complete specific BA general education requirements and the double major requirements for Hawaiian Language and Hawaiian Studies.  This generally means that the student must plan for more time and more expenses towards degree completion.

Once approved, double majors must:

  • Maintain a mininum 3.0 overall GPA for Hawaiian Language and Hawaiian Studies courses
  • Earn a grade of B- or better in all double major classes


Policy on Double Counting for Double Majors

Please be advised that students who qualify to double major in Hawaiian Language and Hawaiian Studies MAY NOT DOUBLE COUNT COURSE CREDITS REQUIRED FOR BOTH MAJORS. In other words, students may not double dip, i.e., use the same course to satisfy major requirements in both degree programs

For example, Hawaiian 301 and Hawaiian 302 are currently required for both Hawaiian Language and Hawaiian Studies majors.  Students must declare what major these courses will apply towards meeting the major’s requirements (i.e., either Hawaiian Language or Hawaiian Studies, but NOT BOTH) before the undergraduate degree is awarded.

Furthermore, the student must assign both courses to HAW or HWST and not split the assignment of courses.

Students who qualify to double major must be prepared to complete the additional equivalent credits by enrolling and completing equivalent courses, usually at the upper division (300-400 levels) in order to fulfill the requirements of both majors.

Please see your Academic Advisor for applying for a double major and developing a plan of study for meeting the specific requirements and agreements that need to be approved.

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