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Hūlili: Cooperative Program with Windward Community College (Title III Grant $2,806,349 )

Hūlili is a cooperative grant program funded through the US Department of Education Title III Native Hawaiian Strengthening Institutions Program. The grant lasts for five years and is a partnership between UH Mānoa-NHSS and Windward Community College (WCC) Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Services and started in October 2010.  The program title, Hūlili, translated into English means “ladder, bridge.”  Due to poor retention and graduation rates of Native Hawaiian students and the large numbers of Native Hawaiian students attending WCC and UH Mānoa, the overarching activities of this collaborative partnership are to increase the number of Native Hawaiian students at WCC who transfer to UH Mānoa; increase the retention rate of Native Hawaiian students at UH Mānoa; and to provide professional development opportunities for Native Hawaiian serving faculty and staff and transfer students.

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