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NH Place of Learning Directories

Nānā i ke kumu.

Sharing Information


The work of advancing UH Mānoa as a Native Hawaiian place of learning is definitely a kākou thing. We need all of us to work together and help one another.

Our office is working on two directories:

  • Native Hawaiian faculty and staff at UH Mānoa who choose to share their information
  • Initiatives that are advancing UH Mānoa as a Native Hawaiian place of learning as shared by their offices.

These directories are meant to connect those who are listed with one another and to also make new connections between those who are not yet in these directories with those who are.

We invite you to consider these and other questions:

  • How can I make meaningful connections and build relationships with those listed in the directories?
  • How can I learn from those listed to grow the ways I am advancing UH Mānoa as a Native Hawaiian Place of learning?
  • How can I support those listed in their work to advance UH Mānoa as a Native Hawaiian place of learning?

Please share your feedback with us regarding this and other pages on our website using our NHPoL Feedback Form.

Native Hawaiian Staff and Faculty

This directory is a beta test of data gathered in 2018. Some of the information may be outdated. We are working on improving our data collection mechanism so that we can update this information. We will be inviting new data soon. We are sharing this version with you so you get a sense of our vision. More soon! 

      Native Hawaiian Faculty and Staff Directory

Native Hawaiian Initiatives

Coming Soon 
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