University of Hawaii Supports Deployed Military Personnel

Students required to interrupt studies for deployment to be supported; those who withdraw to receive tuition refund

University of Hawaiʻi
Posted: Aug 16, 2004

The University of Hawaiʻi will employ its standard practice and policy regarding the deployment of military personnel for the fall 2004 semester. Approximately 300 students from across the university system are estimated to be affected by military deployments.

"The University of Hawaiʻi supports all of our faculty, staff and students who have been affected by military deployments overseas," said UH Acting President David McClain. "Students who are required to interrupt their academic enrollment for military duty will be supported as they carry out their duties and will not be penalized for being unable to complete their course requirements as a result of military deployment."

Also, U.S. military personnel on active duty, and their authorized dependents, who withdraw from any campus of the UH system for reasons related to military deployments will be provided with a full refund of all tuition and mandatory fees. U.S. military reservists and members of the Hawaiʻi National Guard only, and not their dependents, will also be eligible for such a refund. The refund policy applies to students enrolled during the fall 2004 semester and extension term.

Deployed students who have paid fees for services, such as residence hall, child care, and other such fees, will receive a prorated refund as determined by each campus. Financial aid offices on each campus will also be taking additional steps to ensure that refund procedures for affected students who are federal student aid recipients comply with all applicable U.S. Department of Education and university requirements.

Individuals seeking further information regarding these procedures should contact the respective campuses directly.