UH again ranks high as one of the 'Best Value' law schools in the nation

University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa
Beverly Creamer, (808) 389-5736
Media Consultant, William S. Richardson School of Law
Posted: Oct 23, 2015

Incoming Law School students visited downtown courts during orientation activities in August 2015.
Incoming Law School students visited downtown courts during orientation activities in August 2015.

The William S. Richardson School of Law has again been recognized as one of the country’s "Best Value" law schools, meaning students graduate with good job prospects and are soon employed, and they carry the second lowest law school debt load in the U.S.

The UH Law School ranked 26th among the top 64 schools, earning an A- from The National Jurist magazine that has ranked “Best Value” American law schools for the past nine years.

The rankings measure schools in five categories: percentage who pass the bar exam, employment rate, tuition, cost of living, and average indebtedness upon graduation.

Said Dean Avi Soifer, “It is rewarding to be highly ranked for relative affordability and for good professional employment prospects. Our students get a big boost from hard-working staff members and generous alumni, as well as friends, to assure that this positive trend continues.”

The National Jurist rankings show that 2014 Richardson Law School graduates carry an average debt of $56,266, with 72.4 percent employed within a few months of graduation. The two-year average bar passage rate was 78.5 percent, while resident tuition was $19,464.

For comparison, the University of Nebraska College of Law, which ranked 1st on the list, sees its 2014 graduates carrying an average debt of $62,985. Its employment rate was 86.7 percent, with tuition at $14,479, and an average two-year bar passage rate of 87.2 percent.

The National Jurist emphasis on best value schools seeks to offer prospective students a different perspective.

Added Dean Soifer, “We are very fortunate that our students continue to get excellent jobs, in part because our graduates have a strong reputation as first-rate lawyers and community leaders. Current students also receive substantial help from our alumni and friends through generous scholarships.”

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