Chinese language program receives flagship status

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Posted: May 1, 2014

Dean Robert Bley-Vroman
Dean Robert Bley-Vroman

College of Languages, Linguistics and Literature Dean Robert Bley-Vroman has announced that the Chinese language program of the Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures has recently received funding to establish a Chinese Language Flagship Program. This flagship designation acknowledges and affirms that Chinese language teaching and research at UH Mānoa is among the very best at higher learning institutions throughout the country. The Chinese language program becomes only the 12th such flagship in the United States.

The Chinese Language Flagship Program joins the Korean Language Flagship Program (established in 2002), aptly reflecting talented and expert faculty in these critical global languages.  The Chinese flagship leadership team comprises Song Jiang, Haidan Wang, Stephen Tschudi, Cyndy Ning and Graham Crookes.  When few institutions receive a single such coveted honor, UH Mānoa has now earned two.

Language flagships receive funding from the National Security Education Program to expand and enhance teaching, research and service, placing them in premier positions to train students to professional levels of language proficiency. The Chinese Language Flagship Program will be of benefit to students campus-wide, whether or not they are language majors.

Today's global society demands language skills and flagships are expected to lead the way. Flagship students are the next generation of international professionals in many areas, including U.S. national security. Thanks to the Chinese Language Flagship Program, as well as the Korean Language Flagship Program, UHM will further its influence in language learning. The flagships will also partner with the Hawaiʻi Language Roadmap Initiative, a statewide effort whose goal is to develop graduates with language skills needed in the local work force.

Said Dean Bley-Vroman, "This significant accomplishment heightens the reputation of Chinese, the college, and the university. Its impact is far-reaching and will have a transformational effect on programs in language and culture. Its importance cannot be overstated."

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