Leeward CC theatre presents 'The School for Scandal'

Scandals abound on stage at The Leeward Theatre

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Posted: Oct 30, 2013

Photo by Jonathan Reyn Afaga
Photo by Jonathan Reyn Afaga

The Leeward Theatre at Leeward Community College presents the rollicking comedy "The School for Scandal" by Richard Brinsley Sheridan, and directed by Leeward's own theatre professor Betty Burdick! 

Richard Brinsley Sheridan's stage comedy "The School for Scandal" made theatrical history in 1777 as the first play to use an onstage prop (a dressing screen) as an important plot device. The plot itself involves the misadventures of young Lady Teazle (VICTORIA DOMINGO), who must not only fend off the jealous accusations of her elderly husband (SHAWN THOMSEN) but also the backbiting “frenemies” who are secretly out to ruin her reputation. Meanwhile, two handsome brothers (DEIVAN DE LOS SANTOS & JUSTIN WOZNOCK)—one virtuous, the other a cad—become inextricably involved in Lady Teazel's travails, with both demonstrating their true nature in the final act of the play.

Although it was first produced in 1777, the play would fit right in to "Entertainment Tonight," "Keeping Up with the Kardashians," and "Jersey Shore." Leeward Community College will produce this comedy of plots and counter plots in modern dress. Come see the gossipers and the whisperers gleefully destroy reputations as Lady Teazle -- a young country girl -- tries to join the socialites and slanderers in their damaging fun only to find herself in over her head.

“These people have too much time and money on their hands, and don’t know how to live full, rich lives," says Betty Burdick, play director and Leeward CC assistant professor. "They are concerned with how they look and trying to appear better than everybody else by putting everybody else down."

But this won’t just be a rehashing of Sheridan’s play. Director Burdick has a lot of fresh new ideas: “I want to make Lady Teazle the protagonist because she goes on the longest journey.  Most versions focus on the boys (Joseph & Charles), which also works, but is not the emphasis I want.  Although Joseph is on stage more than anyone else, he is the antagonist, and a delightful one!  Charles and Maria seem like a subplot to me, with Lady Teazle and Sir Peter demonstrating how difficult marriage can be when you are too rigid and don’t let the other person know what you are expecting—going for society’s version of marriage instead of making your own.”

Sly villains, old uncles with plenty of money, mistaken identities, intrigue, and romance make this wicked comedy a roller coaster of fun. Tickets are now on sale.

WHAT: The School for Scandal – Classical Theatre with a modern twist!

WHERE: The Leeward Theatre at Leeward Community College

WHEN: November 8,9,15,16, at 8pm; November 10,17, 2013 at 4pm.

BUY TICKETS: Online at http://LCCTheatre.hawaii.edu/  OR by calling 808-455-0380  OR box office will open one hour before show time. 

COST: $25 General; $20 Military/Seniors 55+/UH Students, Faculty, Staff; $15 Leeward Community College Students/Children 12 and under.


For more information, visit: http://LCCTheatre.hawaii.edu/