Chancellor Hinshaw shares message on safety reminders

University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa
Diane E Chang, (808) 956-0391
Dir of Communications, Chancellor's Office
Posted: Nov 23, 2011

Aloha to the UH Mânoa community:
As we take a moment to appreciate our many blessings at this time of year, there are also serious issues to contemplate, including the two recently reported assaults of students on our campus. On a national level, Penn State and the tragic situation there surely remind us of important responsibilities that we must all meet. 
UH Mânoa has policies and procedures in place to encourage people to come forward with any information regarding sexual misconduct and criminal behavior.   We will immediately assist any alleged victim and act to restrict access to campus by alleged perpetrators, if they are known. 
Along with the UH Mânoa Sex Assault Task Force and the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Students, I respect the concerns you may well have about the recently reported assaults on our campus. Please be assured that UH Mânoa, Campus Security and the Honolulu Police Department are actively working with the involved parties in these cases.
UH Mânoa does NOT tolerate any form of sexual misconduct or interpersonal violence. If you or anyone you know needs help in this regard, please contact Campus Security (956-6911) or the Honolulu Police (911). You also have the ability to make an anonymous report at (click on "Send Us an Anonymous Tip").
We encourage everyone to utilize the services and support available on campus and in the community:
Campus Security: 956-6911 or 956-8211                          
Counseling Center: 956-7927                                  
Women's Center: 956-8059
University Health Services: 956-8965
Gender Equity: 956-9499
Sex Abuse Treatment Center: 524-7273
Domestic Violence Action Center: 531-3771
Every member of our campus community has the right to a safe learning and working environment. No one should be violated or abused. If you are in need of support or assistance, please remember that you are not alone and we are here to assist you.
Virginia S. Hinshaw
and the UHM Sex Assault Task Force members:
Lori Ideta, Office of the Vice Chancellor for Students
Captain Donald Dawson, Campus Security
Sergeant Alberta Pukahi, Campus Security
Dee Uwono, Office of Judicial Affairs
Karen Blakely, Student Housing Services
Jennifer Rose, Gender Equity Specialist
Staff of University Health Services
Christine Quemuel, Women's Center
Jennifer Barnett, Women's Center
Leslie Cabingabang, PAU Violence Against Women Program