Matsunaga Institute for Peace hosts open house & mediation demonstrations

Celebrating International Conflict Resolution Day 2011

University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa
Anne M. Smoke, (808) 956-6459
Program Manager, Spark M. Matsunaga Institute for Peace
Carole Petersen, (808) 956-6940
Director, Spark M. Matsunaga Institute for Peace
Posted: Oct 14, 2011

Matsunaga Institute for Peace and Conflict Resolution (MIPCR) in cooperation with the Association for Conflict Resolution (ACR), Hawai‘i Chapter celebrates International Conflict Resolution Day 2011 by opening its doors to the UH Mānoa campus and local community on Thursday, October 2011.
“This event gives the Matsunaga Institute an opportunity to show off our programs and how the conflict resolution skills we teach equip our students with problem solving tools they can use in their professional and personal lives,” said Carole Petersen, Director of MIPCR. Visitors to the Institute on Thursday can create a Conflict Management Toolkit, meet the faculty and staff, and inquire about the Institute’s programs, including the Graduate Certificate in Conflict Resolution, B.A. in Peace and Conflict Resolution, and Undergraduate Certificate in Peace Studies.

Free mediation demonstrations by faculty and graduate students will display a sample of the effective conflict resolution skills taught at MIPCR. Food and beverages will also be offered.
Conflict Resolution Day was conceived of in 2005 by ACR to: promote awareness of mediation, arbitration, conciliation and other creative, peaceful means of resolving conflict; promote the use of conflict resolution in schools, families, businesses, communities, governments and the legal system; recognize the significant contributions of (peaceful) conflict resolvers; and obtain international synergy by celebrating around the world on the same day. The Matsunaga Institute for Peace dedicates this day to dispute resolution practitioners who are helping to educate our students and the public about mediation and other innovative conflict management processes.
When:    Thursday October 20, 2011
10:30 a.m. – noon     Morning mediation demo: “Fighting student residents” (SSRI Conference Room, Saunders 704)
Noon – 3:00 p.m.       Open House in Saunders 523 (food and beverages for visitors)
3:00 – 4:30 p.m.         Afternoon mediation demo: Student/faculty disagreement (SSRI Conference Room, Saunders 704)

Saunders Hall, Room 523, 2424 Maile Way, University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa campus

About the Sponsors:

The Matsunaga Institute for Peace and Conflict Resolution
was established in 1985 to fulfill the vision of former Senator Spark M. Matsunaga to expose every student enrolled in Hawaiʻi’s public university to peace studies so they could learn and practice peaceful methods of resolving disputes of all kinds from interpersonal to global. Under its new name, the Matsunaga Institute for Peace and Conflict Resolution (MIPCR), positioned in the College of Social Science’s Public Policy Center and combines peace studies research with skills-based training for practical application of alternative dispute resolution methods in its three academic programs: the Certificate in Peace Studies, the Interdisciplinary B.A. in Peace and Conflict Studies, and the Graduate Certificate in Conflict Resolution.

The Association for Conflict Resolution, Hawai‘i (ACR-Hawai‘i)
is a member-based nonprofit dedicated to the promoting appropriate conflict resolution.  The Association strives to accomplish their mission through members who develop and deliver educational programs and services to the community.

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