Smart grid curriculum gets optimal 'connectivity'

PCATT partners with IncSys & Powerdata to enhance learning experience

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Posted: Jul 14, 2011

IncSys provides simulations for smart grid operators
IncSys provides simulations for smart grid operators
HONOLULU – In 2010, the Pacific Center for Advanced Technology Training (PCATT) received a $833,000 U.S. Department of Energy Smart Grid Workforce Development grant to design and deploy industry-certified courses.
In advancement of this grant PCATT is excited to announce a partnership between Incremental Systems Corporation and PowerData Corporation (IncSys & PowerData), who will make available massive real-time simulation software providing a virtual learning environment for operators, engineers and students. Through its own Department of Energy Workforce grant, IncSys & PowerData have licensed the software and training to PCATT at no cost.
The software will enhance the program curricula by providing realistic simulations for students to experience how to prevent major power system events such as the Northeast blackout of 2003. IncSys & PowerData’s primary goal is to facilitate interaction between industry and educators to maximize the level of knowledge capture and transfer.
“PCATT is grateful for the partnership with IncSys & PowerData to enable us to create an innovative curriculum that will benefit the power sector within our state,” explains Rosemary Sumajit, interim director of PCATT. “Hawai'i is the ideal place to be at the forefront of sustainable practices and knowledge obtainment for the Pacific region because of the different inputs of energy we benefit from, such as, the sun, water and wind. It is because of partnerships like this that allows PCATT to be the premier learning resource center for advanced technology.”
Thirty-three projects have been selected by the U.S. Department of Energy to receive $41.6 million in Recovery Act funds for the development of new training programs, strategies and curricula related to the electric power sector and the smart grid. These new programs include projects at universities, community colleges and technical schools that will help serve as models for training or retraining workers across the country. The awards also include support for the Strategic Training and Education in Power Systems (STEPS) initiative, which will develop cross-disciplinary electric power system programs at the university and college level.
The training program that PCATT is developing will provide pathways for traditional, non-traditional, incumbent and displaced workers to develop the requisite knowledge and skills required for deploying and maintaining a smart grid distribution system while eventually acquiring an associate degree or two-year certificate. 
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