UH Maui College science building is a canvas for art expression

Maui College
Emily R. Sullivan, (808) 984-3549
Director of Marketing and Community Relations, Marketing
Posted: Jun 9, 2011

Mural painted by Ray Hinojosa
Mural painted by Ray Hinojosa
To see more images visit http://mauicc.biz/news/view.asp?ID=128
To see more images visit http://mauicc.biz/news/view.asp?ID=128

Take a walk to the northwest side of campus at University of Hawai‘i Maui College and look behind Heona, the art building, and you will see the art expressions of almost 30 students. Mural paintings on the temporary walls surrounding the new science building depict animals, plants and words of encouragement. 

“The idea was to promote self-expression and depict a positive message to the campus,” said Mike Takemoto, assistant professor of art. “Some of the artists involved included my students from spring semester, students from previous semesters, and interested people who just wanted to do it."

Students like Jamie Clark contributed many hours and his artistic talents to the project. “I painted tropical flowers, Torch Ginger, Yellow Ginger, Bird of Paradise and Heliconia. It is with house paint in vibrant colors and each leaf and flower is outlined with white. The effect is contemporary and the subject is ‘what I see when going to Hana’,” said Clark.

When asked abou the future of the murals Professor Takemoto said," the future is undecided but if there is enough interest in the fall I would like to white wash the wall and give the students a fresh canvas for expression."