Bookstore, Campus Center vendors welcome back students

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Posted: Jan 9, 2011

Here is news about the UH Bookstore and vendors at Campus Center, as it undergoes major construction of a new Recreation Center this semester.
There are three ways to enter the UH Bookstore. The first is a staircase on the second floor near Subway, and the second is a staircase on the second floor near Corner Market Café.
The third is the designated ADA first-floor access near the Campus Center passenger elevator, located on the east (Diamond Head) side of the building near the ATMs. Use the ramp and continue forward until reaching a door before the left-turn to the elevator. Press the call button once, and a Bookstore attendant will answer the door and be available to assist.
Campus Center Dining celebrates the start of the semester with special deals from January 10-21. Enjoy a 25-cent soda with the purchase of a plate lunch, and a $1 mandoo special.
Plus, enjoy your favorite Student Union dining, with Corner Market Café proudly brewing Starbucks coffee, and offerings from Jamba Juice, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, Bale and Subway. 
To purchase a meal plan or dining flash cash, visit the Ticket, Information and ID Office at CC212 near Subway.  Also, look for free coffee coupons to be sponsored and distributed by members of the Campus Center Board. 
For more information about the UH Bookstore, see
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For more information on the Campus Center, see or call the Ticket, Information and ID Office at 956-7235 or 956-7236. 
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