UH West O'ahu, KCC to sign new agreements

Adding two new pathways for students to reach bachelor's degree

Kapiʻolani Community College, University of Hawaiʻi-West Oʻahu
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UH CC Director of Marketing Communications, UH Community Colleges
Posted: Jun 16, 2010

Students completing an associate’s degree in Kapi‘olani Community College’s (KCC) information technology (IT) or marketing programs have a new pathway toward a bachelor’s degree at the University of Hawaiʻi–West Oʻahu, thanks to new articulation agreements between the schools being signed during a ceremony at KCC at 2 p.m. today.
Chancellors from both schools will attend the ceremony and make the agreements official with their signatures. The new agreements take advantage of a prior agreement between the schools (Mānanawai Program, 2008) allowing for dual admission and dual enrollment of students in good standing and who meet UH West O‘ahu’s admission criteria. Qualified IT and marketing students may transfer as classified students to UH West O‘ahu’s bachelor of applied science with a concentration in IT or bachelor of arts in business administration with a concentration in marketing programs, respectively.
“These new agreements between our schools are intended to help students further strengthen their educational foundation attained at KCC while taking advantage of our baccalaureate programs in IT and marketing,” said UH West O‘ahu Chancellor Gene Awakuni. “I am grateful that we have strong ties with other UH campuses interested in meeting the workforce needs of our state.”
The agreements ensure faculty and administration at both campuses assist students with counseling and other services to further their understanding of program requirements as well as scholarship and grant opportunities that may exist at the campuses. This coordination between the campuses is designed to ease students along a university baccalaureate program path.
“Today’s signing marks another important milestone in the partnership between KCC and UH West Oʻahu. Two programs, respiratory therapy and culinary arts, have already signed agreements for articulation to the baccalaureate in applied science,” said Leon Richards, chancellor of Kapi‘olani Community College. “Our goal is to provide pathways for our students, either to the workforce or to four-year degrees, and as a result of our collaboration with UH West Oʻahu, our students now have increased academic options.”
These new agreements between KCC and UH West O‘ahu will be reviewed regularly by both campuses and can be altered or discontinued with the consent of both schools.
About KCC’s IT and marketing programs: The information technology program is career-laddered and competency-based. It provides training in the use and support of business-related computer systems, data communication networks (including local area networks), World Wide Web and its importance to businesses, and the development of business information technology systems programs using procedural and object-oriented programming techniques. The Marketing program provides hands-on competency-based training for a career in the retail industry. A combination of retailing, advertising and promotion, customer service, sales management, supervisory management, merchandise management, and e-commerce courses provide focused hands-on training.
About UH West O‘ahu’s IT and marketing programs: The IT-related programs provide students with the skills required to design, install, configure and maintain enterprise-wide networks. When enhanced with a strong business foundation, students also learn the application of general management, critical thinking, communication and problem solving skills in a technical environment. Marketing students learn to evaluate and develop advertising, public relations, and direct mail campaigns as well as examine the science of consumer behavior and business in the context of promotion and publicity. Marketing students will be exposed to an interdisciplinary business curriculum including finance, economics, information systems, accounting and management.
For more information about the IT or marketing articulation agreements, contact Lori Sakaguchi, KCC Business Program advisor, llsakagu@hawaii.edu, (808) 734-9017 or the UH West Oʻahu Student Services Office at (808) 454-4700 or toll free at (866) 299-8656.
For more information and a complete list of UH West O‘ahu academic programs, visit uhwo.hawaii.edu, call the Office of Admissions at (808) 454-4700, toll-free at (866) 299-8656 or email admissions@uhwo.hawaii.edu.