Chancellor Hinshaw thanks campus budget supporters

University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa
Posted: Mar 30, 2010

Mahalo to the many campus and community members who stepped forward to support UH Mānoa in response to our recent Budget Alert. Your active, strong response sent a loud and clear message regarding the damage that would be created by the proposed reductions of $59M in SB2695 ( 
Your actions, including visits, emails, phone calls, and testimonies, were impressive and impacting. I offer a special note of appreciation to the strong, passionate group of folks who spent many hours with us at the Capitol during the Committee hearing – this group included our students, faculty, staff, administrators, alumni, donors, business leaders, emeriti and current Regents – mahalo for your extra effort in being there and staying into the early morning hours.      
The good news is that today the House Finance Committee reduced its proposed cuts of almost $59M for UH to “only” $2M; however, our contention is that no additional cuts should be made. So, unfortunately, our struggles are not yet over. Still alive is also another proposed cut of $10 million for UH ( – this is in addition to our current reductions of $66 million which represents 26% of UH Mānoa’s State general funds. Please continue to keep in close communication with your legislators at (
In the remaining month of the legislative session, we must maintain the pressure and the presence of our voices. There are three activities we must all pursue: 
· educating government and community decision-makers about the value UH Mānoa provides as a major generator of educated citizens, new knowledge, jobs and resources for Hawai'i;  
· emphasizing the reality that the future of Hawai‘i depends on strong state support of higher education, especially to maintain its sole leading research 1 institution;
· demanding that UH Mānoa not be cut any more – in fact, we need to be discussing restoration of support.     
I will strive to keep the campus informed as developments emerge and I hope you continue to share your ideas with me:
Mahalo for your support,
Virginia S. Hinshaw
Chancellor, University of Hawai'i at Mānoa