Vulcans men’s tennis, women’s golf get reprieve

University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo
Posted: Apr 2, 2009

The University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo is delaying the scheduled suspension of men‘s tennis and women‘s golf, announced Dr. Luoluo Hong, vice chancellor for student affairs and acting athletic director.

According to Hong, both sports will be suspended in the fall 2010 semester instead of the fall 2009 semester as originally planned.

"The level of fundraising support has been unprecedented and overwhelming," Hong said. "Fundraising is essentially supporting the operating costs for both programs. The Athletic Department is supporting a minimal number of scholarships for these two programs by reducing expenditures elsewhere in the budget.

"Every other team in the department is giving up something so men‘s tennis and women‘s golf can remain active for another year."

Men‘s tennis coach Kula Oda expressed his appreciation.

"The last three months have been an incredible journey for the team and me," he said. "We have never been directly involved in such a strong show of support from the community, for which we‘re grateful.

"The team and I would like to thank Chancellor Rose Tseng and VCSA Luoluo Hong for ultimately realizing what the UH Hilo men‘s tennis team means to the community and deciding to delay suspension for another year. We would also like to thank our fellow coaches and student-athletes as they are all making sacrifices for our benefit. Go Vulcans!"

Added Hong: "Our student-athletes make a difference in the community and it is heartwarming to engage in this town-gown partnership."

Neither sport is currently sponsored by the Pacific West Conference.