Technical Paper Assignment

Civil Engineering


Air travel involves us both as people and professionals. Air travel is the primary mode of long-distance travel. Most people are involved with this industry primarily as passengers. A secondary involvement is via investing in airlines and aircraft manufacturers. As professionals, there are several employment opportunities for civil engineers with manufacturers (structures and materials), airlines (operations analysis) and airports (design, operation, maintenance).

A series of brief but authoritative articles on various issues of the air-travel industry is attached. Read them carefully, then write and submit an 8-10 page, double-spaced essay focused on major issues (i.e., airport congestion, poor finances) and future direction of this industry (i.e., aircraft and airport technology, safety, markets).

The essay should be word-processed and neatly printed. Your writing should be organized and clear: there must be an introduction followed by the main body of discussion and some brief conclusions. The articles should be properly cited in your text. Follow the writing instructions handout. Short, less than eight pages, and hand-written essays will not be accepted. Consultation of other sources and references is neither necessary nor required. Nevertheless, such information is welcomed if it enables you to make your point clearer. In this case, proper citation is required.

The evaluation will be as follows: 

  • structure and organization of presentation ............30%
  • discussion, ideas and logic of arguments..............50%
  • grammar and professional appearance..................20%
  • Submit in plain white paper stapled at the top-left corner. Informal discussion with the instructor is recommended, but make sure that you have read the articles before the meeting.

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