What worked best as you sought to help students learn course content through writing?

I clearly laid out in a rubric what was expected of them. I also did short writing and editing workshops to help them clarify their thinking. I focus on helping them first understand the main point of each essay, then follow steps in a media ethics case analysis to help them organize their essays while at the same time using writing as a way to navigate through a critical thinking thought process as they evaluated an ethical issue. Auman, COM460/ACM460, F12.

What worked best as you sought to help students learn to be more effective writers?

The primary source analysis paper has been useful in challenging students to do close readings in writing and to expand meaningfully on their interpretations. To help make sure they really "get it" and fully benefit from the assignment, as well as improve weaknesses in their prose, I've introduced a first draft requirement. I also do a one-day in-class writing workshop that the students seem to enjoy. Matteson, HIST396B, F12.