WI Focus Renewal Tips

These tips have been culled from renewal applications for W courses by UHM faculty. Tips in each category are hyper-linked to other categories as relevant.


Articles and readings can help students learn to write according to the conventions of the discipline, to summarize, and to compose analysis. Postings to Laulima can be focused on specific articles and readings.

Assignment Revisions

To meet Hallmark #2, revisions take place ideally after faculty and peer response. Establishing the framework for revisions can take many forms.

Journals & Reflections

Used primarily as "low-stakes" and ungraded writing activities, journals and reflective writing can be leveraged in a variety of ways to boost learning and to support more formal, graded writing.


Laulima offers many options for integrating writing into a W course, as do some third-party platforms such as Wordpress.

Research Proposals/Papers

Guiding students through the process of research writing can be accomplished in a number of ways.

Outlines & Reverse Outline

Reverse outlines--accomplished after a draft or even for a published piece of writing--can help students identify issues of structure and organization.


Rubrics convey exactly what the expectations are for each assignment. They can be developed before the assignment or they can be collaboratively constructed with students after general expectations have been explained. Rubrics can be integrated into response to writing from peers and from instructors.

Short Written Assignments

Short writing assignments habituate students to writing and can be integrated into a variety of learning activities.

Small Groups

Writing and responding to writing in small groups (i.e., peer review) enable students to learn collaborative processes and to augment their individual understandings of writing by witnessing the processes of group members.


Workshops offer a way to meet Hallmark #2 (providing response to writing while in-process) and can supply students with a number of reader responses to support revision.