Assessing WI Learning

We use what we learn from the surveys to provide better teaching resources (like Tips for Teachers) and to assess the overall quality of WI classes on campus. The surveys are not departmental surveys and they are not used in faculty evaluation (but some faculty choose to include them in their tenure & promotion portfolio).

The "pdf" files can be read using Adobe Acrobat Reader (free software).

  • Student Survey   

  • Instructor Survey    

  • Return-Request Form   

(Complete the return-request form to have your student surveys mailed to you after grades are posted.) 


1. print and copy the student survey form;

2. set aside 10-15 minutes of class time before the end of the semester for completion of the survey; or, ask students to take the survey home to complete;

3. respond to your survey at the same time the students respond to theirs;

4. complete the return-request form if you want to receive your students' responses after the semester's end (note: some instructors include the student surveys in their personnel files);

5. put your responses, the student responses, and the return-request form (optional) in an envelope. Ask one of the students to drop off the sealed envelope at Bilger 104 or at an office near the classroom for deposit in campus mail.