Applying for WI

Applications to have a course designated as Writing Intensive (W) can be submitted by individual instructors or by a department chair (or focus coordinator). In those cases in which a course is always taught as writing intensive (and has been taught by more than one instructor), we urge the department to submit a course-based proposal. The course-based designations facilitate students' long-term planning and also streamline administrative processes.

To designate your class as writing intensive, complete the proposal form and submit it by the deadline. The proposal form requires specific information on how the course will meet the Hallmarks, so it may prove worthwhile to review the many pages under Teaching Support or the sample syllabi under Writing in the Disciplines to garner ideas for meeting these Hallmarks.

Proposal forms can be downloaded from the General Education's Focus webpage (Writing Intensive is one of the Focus areas).

Special note about 399 and 499 designations: proposal forms are accepted up to the 3rd day of the fall and spring semesters.