Skill Project Guidelines

As part of the requirements for the MOP Certificate, you are required to complete a Skill Project of your choice and design. The MOP Seminar (IS/BIOL 104) is designed to help you choose a topic and develop a written plan or proposal for your independent project. By enrolling for credits while carrying out the project, it becomes part of your academic record.

Before you begin your Skill Project, you will need to write a Project Proposal, which involves background research, synthesis of a research question, and an outline of the plans you have for your project. In order to help you with this, we have compiled the Skill Project Proposal Guidelines, which you can download using the link below.

To keep you on track during your project, you will also be required to submit periodic Progress Reports to your MOP Coordinator.

PDF File IconMOP Progress Report Guidelines

PDF File IconMOP Skill Project Proposal Guidelines 2020