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Welcome to the Multilingual Multicultural Strategic Initiative’s Virtual Institute. This space is intended for all people interested in networking and bridging between different language communities. Share your ideas with the MLMC community in many different ways! Our focus is on developing community sensitivity to others’ languages and raising awareness of others’ languages – plurilingual/pluricultural Hawai‘i .

Virtual Institute

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    • Forum: Imagination Room
      The purpose of this space is to encourage broad discussion of multilingual multicultural Hawai‘i and to share ideas for MLMC projects. What does our multilingual multicultural Hawai‘i look like? What should it look like?
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    • Networking / Ask and Invite Experts
      This space provides an opportunity for community members and fellow specialists in the field to ask for commentary and advice from MLMC professionals, or from people who have specialist knowledge and experience in this area. In addition to the request for information, posts may suggest names of individuals to be invited to contribute to the response, or to propose a themed event for promoting further discussion and study. We welcome video contributions of short interviews with specialists.
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    • Discuss / Working Groups
      The purpose of this space is to discuss and propose MLMC ideas and projects. These ideas might have come from discussions initiated in the Imagination Room. Feel free to check there to see past discussions.
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    • Documents
      The purpose of this space is to cache documents relevant to our project. Here contributors can upload links to relevant articles and news items with a short description of the relevance to the MLMC VI. Pictures also are welcome. Videos of public meetings, forums, and other professional events that address multilingualism or multiculturalism are welcome here with permission of the content creator and the hosting agency.
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      Aaron L.

All user produced content is subject to review and may be removed if it violates the spirit of this site. Users are encouraged to share their personal perspectives on language use in their daily lives or in society at-large, as well as news-sourced information and observations from the community. The use of emoticons, as well as photos (.jpg) and pdf documents (or links to those documents if they are hosted elsewhere) are welcome. Multilingual posts are welcome and making these posts accessible (through a brief summary or translation) to other readers is encouraged as a courtesy, as well as an opportunity to promote users’ development of plurilingual competence.

Please keep in mind the aloha spirit when posting; real humans will be reading your content. Maintain ethical manners as you would in your office, at school, or at the market. Remember your audience will be people from a broad range of backgrounds (professionals, language specialists, students, and the community at-large) who have an interest in multilingual multicultural Hawai‘i. All posts should be sensitive to the fact that this VI is open for public viewing. Be precise; state your point clearly and simply. Take care with spelling, grammar, and punctuation; site curators will not edit posts. Keep privacy in mind. Please cite and use external links for information sharing and networking when possible.

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