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The MLMC Strategic Initiative proposes both to expand the research agenda on multilingual and multicultural concerns and to promote readership of existing literature that grapples with these concerns.  Works are (cross-)listed based on issues that are of focal interest to the Strategic Initiative, as well as by article key words. We welcome your feedback on the value of the resources provided on this page, and also your suggestions for additional resources, or expansion of this page to new areas of research.  Your use of any of the resources listed or posted here is subject to all laws regarding copyright and fair use.

Multilingual Hawaiʻi

Saft, Scott. (2019). Exploring Multilingual Hawai’i Language Use and Language Ideologies in a Diverse Society

State of Hawaii Report on Non English Speaking Population in Hawaii April 2016

Labrador, R. (2004). “We can laugh at ourselves”: Hawai’i ethnic humor, local identity and the myth of multiculturalism. Pragmatics, 14(2&3).

Multilingual Education (Foreign language education, heritage language learners, Seal of Biliteracy, etc.)

García, Ofelia, Kleifgen, JoAnne, and Falchi, Lorraine. (2008). From English language learners to emergent bilinguals, Equity Matters: Research Review No. 1. New York: Columbia University Teacher’s College.

García, Ofelia.  Other works by Ofelia García may be accessed through her publications page.

Halagao, Patricia Espiritu. (2017). Equity in Learning: Meeting the Needs of Multilingual Students in Hawai’i, Kappa Delta Pi Record, 53:2, 91-94, DOI: 10.1080/00228958.2017.1299549

Health benefits of multilingual capacity

Convenient Access to Professional Interpreters in the Hospital Decreases Readmission Rates and Estimated Hospital Expenditures for Patients With Limited English Proficiency

Social cohesion (elsewhere – multilingual multicultural UK, Canada)

Phillips, D., Athwal, B., Robinson, D., & Harrison, M. (2014). Towards intercultural engagement: Building shared visions of neighbourhood and community in an era of new migration. Journal of ethnic and migration studies, 40(1), 42-59.

Parker C. A. (2013). Peacebuilding Education: Using Conflict for Democratic and Inclusive Learning Opportunities for Diverse Students. International Journal of Peace Studies, 18(2), 5-27.


Micronesia matters

Marshall Islands Story Project